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Investment In GOLD Coins



2008 was a start of an unusual gold market and prices especially in coins.

Because 2008 U.S. mint halted production on burnished and proof collector’s item coins.

The reasons given for U.S. Mint shutdown is that congress in acted a law that U.S. Mint as a monopoly in minting the coins has to make available to all U.S. citizens that do want to purchase gold coins available to buy them at all times.

Because of the vast GOLD demand, globally the U.S. Mint cannot keep up with the huge demand thus halted all production till further notice.

So on August of 2008 U.S. Mint shut down for the first time ever since W.W.II.

This makes the 2008 coins in particularly a huge instant collector’s item.

It is like having a World War II gold coin in perfect Mint condition.

We have exclusively collection of fine 2008 gold coins which in some cases only 1100 pc were only minted.

Even if the Gold prices drop back below 1000.00 per.oz., which by most analysts believe will not happen in this life time as U.S. Government has way too much debt, will NOT affect the values of 2008 coins because of its huge rare collectable values created by its very low mintage

Investment in these coins unlike any other investment are practically set to keep going up in value as long as there are people collecting coins for hobby and / or investments.