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Citadel Diamond Group Contact Info & Social Network


Company Website:   http://CitadelDiamondGroup.com/
Company E-Mail:   Info@CitadelDiamondGroup.com
On Line Store:   http://store.citadeldiamondgroup.com/
E-Bay Auction / Super Store:   http://stores.ebay.com/CITADEL-DIAMOND-GROUP
Facebook:   http://www.facebook.com/CitadelDiamondGroup
Twitter:   http://twitter.com/#!/Citadel_Diamond  
Skype:   Citadel_Group     
YouTube:  WWW.YouTube.com/user/CitadelDiamondGroup
Tel.   1-312-388-8362

Post Mailing & Correspondence Address

Citadel Group
5090 Richmond Ave.
Suite 325
Houston, Texas 77056

Citadel Diamond Group is a wholesale operation with on line sale website selling to public at whoelsale prices.  If in Houston you can make advance apoitment to come in to our factory showroom for private viewing of diamond inventory. 

Advance apoitment is requiered our factory showroom is not open to the public. 

Please, sirios inquieries for showroom apoitments only.

Please preview our thousends of selections and designes on line.   

Thank you 

Citadel Diamond Group Customer Feedback Referral Satisfaction Report

CITADEL DIAMOND GROUP PLEASE READ ACTUAL CUSTOMER FEEDBACKS 100% QUALITY & SERVICE FEEDBACK !!! #CustomerFeedback  WWW.CitadelDiamondGroup.com=====================================/Feedback /From /price /Date /time /Price PaidVery nice. Thanks Buyer: kashifalghata123 ( 858 ) Nov-29-12 16:20SAFIRA Designer Scaled Evening Bag Case Swarovski Crystal (#290800059743) US $995.00Best Offer Price was Accepted View ItemBEAUTIFUL SET,THANKS FOR FAST SERVICE AND PACKING CAREFULLY. Buyer: 3oo7capitol ( 22 ) Nov-29-12 12:542008 W Olympic Double [...]

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CITADEL DIAMOND GROUP  SHOP SMALL AND GROW AMERICA BIGGER ...WWW.CitadelDiamondGroup.com Read More About It   https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/Shop-Small/ 

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CITADEL DIAMOND GROUP Start Your Own business today, Make Extra Income,

Are You In Business Or looking To Own Your Own Business ??? Please Contact CITADEL DIAMOND GROUP WWW.CitadelDiamondGroup.com Tel. 1-312-388-8362 E Mail Citadel_Group@msn.com We Can Help You And Guide You To Achieve Your Success In Retail Business With Our 50 Years Experience Diamond Jewelry, Leather Handbag & Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing & Distribution Background.

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Citadel Diamond Group an Accredited American Company

Citadel Diamond Group is proud to be an American Company with very high standards in ethics and environmental impact in procuring gold and diamonds for jewelry manufacturing. WWW.CitadelDiamondGroup.com#MadeInTheUSA

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Citadel Diamond Group extremely HIGH SECURE website

Citadel Diamond Group is an extremely HIGH SECURE website with the most advance credit card security protocols that the entire jewelry industry is looking to implement globally for its strong and aggressive credit card fraud protection system. WWW.CitadelDiamondGroup.com#Security

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Citadel Diamond Group TOP RATED WEBSITE 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating Feedback

Citadel Diamond Group has won many recognition awards for excellence.TOP RATED WEBSITE is a very prestigious award that only is given to businesses that have 100% Customer Satisfaction Ratings which we have both on our company website and our E-Bay Auction Super Store. Please shop with confidence Citadel Diamond Group family Of Companies have been in [...]

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Citadel Diamond Group Verified By: E-Bay Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

Citadel Diamond Group has submitted evidence to E-Bay Trust Department as well as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express proving the AUTHENTICITY of its products listed on line. All items are fully listed with accurate description s and certified diamond information's by licensed Gemologist. Every Gold & Diamond item sold by Citadel Diamond Group comes with [...]

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Citadel Diamond Group AUTHORIZE.NET Verified Merchant

Citadel Diamond Group is a very high security on line Gold & Diamond dealer with 100% quality Customer Feedback. AUTHORIZE.NET is the credit card processor that has certified CITADEL DIAMOND GROUP for its exceptional strong security defens es in dealing with large volumes of dollars in on line credit card processing. Citadel Diamond Group is one [...]

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Citadel Diamond Group KIMBERLEY PROCESS all its loose diamonds

Citadel Diamond Group WWW.CitadelDiamondGroup.com has always procured all its loose diamond inventory from reputable sources that use the highest ethical standards in the industry. KIMBERLEY PROCESS is certified origins of the diamonds mined with strictest ethical and environmental control. READ MORE ABOUT IT http://www.kimberleyprocess.com/ #KimberleyProcess

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